Robot account

  1. go to Sub-account configuration, click Add sub-account

  2. select Robot account and click Submit Note:A merchant can only create one robot account

  3. After successful submission click on Control to the right to set up the robot sub-account

  4. Tag 1 is the data approval permission; Tag 2 is the execution approval permission; Tag 3 is the password switch, which can be used to control the robot approval by using the password in the approval dialogue; Tag 4 is to set the robot to approve only certain data sources; Tag 5 is to specify the working time of the robot, if unchecked, it will be available all day; Tag 6 is to set the robot to approve only the single transaction amount less than the limit.

  5. Click SUBMIT to enable,enter the Google code tied to your merchant account

  6. Robotic sub-accounts are a powerful feature for efficiency and security and can be used in a way that suits the user's needs.

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