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TRX Internet Transfer prompts inactive address
This is because the other party has not previously transferred TRX to that payment address and it is still inactive. An inactive wallet address can be used to receive money as normal, so don't worry. Please note that transferring to an inactive address will cost you an additional 1.1 TRX, so please leave at least 1.1 TRX in your wallet when transferring the full amount of TRX, otherwise the transfer will not work.
How to activate your TRX wallet address
The account is activated by transferring TRX to the wallet address. To initiate a transfer after activation, resources such as bandwidth and energy are consumed. If there are not enough TRX available in the wallet to provide these resources, the transfer will fail or you will be prompted that there is not enough bandwidth. It is therefore recommended that you transfer 50 to 100 TRX to your wallet to activate your account and to meet the needs of subsequent transfers etc.
What are gas fee?
Transfers in wallets such as BTC, ETH, LTC, TRX, FIL, etc. require a Gas fee, which is paid to the miners/verifiers who maintain the blockchain network to encourage them to package transactions and maintain network security.
How to manually set gas fee
CoinWallet will set a default Gas fee to ensure a successful transaction based on the current network conditions, in general the default Gas fee will be used when sending. Manual setting of the Gas fee is also supported. If you want to speed up the transfer confirmation process, you can increase the gas fee from the default value, or lower it if you are not in a hurry to transfer.
What if I send cryptocurrency to the wrong address?
After a successful transfer on the blockchain, it is not possible to cancel or withdraw it, but only to contact the recipient to transfer it back for you. If you accidentally transfer to the wrong address, it is only possible to retrieve your assets if you find the owner of the address. Please carefully recall the origin of this recipient address and attempt to recover it by:
  1. 1.
    If the recipient address is your recipient address on another platform: please contact the recipient platform staff for a refund;
  2. 2.
    If the payee address is your friend's payee address: contact your friend to explain the situation and ask him to return it to you;
  3. 3.
    If the payment address is the contract address of a token: contact the project owner and ask if they can transfer it back for you.