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About CoinWallet

What is CoinWallet?

CoinWallet is a free decentralized wallet designed for ordinary users. CoinWallet supports the Trusted Shards Computation (TSC), enabling private key sharding and Threshold Signatures Scheme (TSS), allowing multiple individuals to jointly manage the private keys. Additionally, CoinWallet supports both the mainnet and testnet.

Trusted Shards Computation (TSC)

Private keys can be divided into shards, allowing co-manage and significantly enhancing their security.

Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS)

Transactions in TSC private key have to acquire a minimum number of signatures provided by key shard holders in order to execute.

Mainnet & Testnet support

Support mainnet and testnet on all supported blockchains

Mass address derivation

Generate unlimited addresses from a single private key to manage mass deposits.

Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Wallet

Manage assets across 25+ different blockchains and 99% of tokens in market.

Support for DAPP and NFT

Support for major Web3 DAPP and management of your NFTs in the wallet.

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