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What is CoinWallet?

CoinWallet is one of CoinsDo's self-developed products. Unlike the CoinGet and CoinSend clients, CoinWallet is a decentralized wallet specifically designed for client users. CoinWallet can simultaneously support the formal main network and the test main network. It currently supports over 20 main networks and allows for unlimited addition of tokens, covering the storage and withdrawal needs of more than 99% of the coins on the market, greatly facilitating professional developers. CoinWallet supports multi-chain and multi-currency management, and the private keys are held by the users themselves. With two-factor authentication protection and biometric protection, the security of wallet operations is greatly enhanced.

Strong security

24/7 protection for your digital assets

Support for DAPP and NFT

Support for major Web3 DAPP and management of your NFTs in the wallet

Meets developer needs

Multi-chain makes it more convenient for ordinary users, while test chains can better meet the professional needs of developers

One single private key can derive multiple addresses

Effective management of different asset transactions using different addresses

One wallet can create or import multiple private keys

One wallet can effectively manage multiple private keys. Signing transactions with different private keys also increases the security of the wallet.

Suitable for different blockchains

Supports more than 20 main networks and has no limits on adding tokens.

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